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The District at a glance

Rendsburg-Eckernförde as business location

Located between the state capital Kiel to the east and the metropolitan region of Hamburg to the south lays the largest district of Schleswig-Holstein. Expanding over an area of 2,186 square kilometres. the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde almost matches the size of the Saarland, is home to 268,000 residents and offers optimum access to three traffic arteries with Pan-European reach: the A7 motorway, the most important North-South railway line, and the Kiel Canal, the most frequented artificial waterway in the world.

The economic area with a working population of around 110,000 and is characterised by some big employers and numerous innovative SMEs. Most dominant industries here are, in addition to processing industries, trade and commerce, services, tourism and agriculture, and, in particular, energy and environmental technologies. The district includes the four towns of Rendsburg, Eckernförde,Büdelsdorf and Nortorf, four independent municipalities and 157 municipalities in 16 departments.