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Modern Centre in the Heart of Northern Europe

Laying between Hamburg and Copenhagen, the Kiel Region links the two most important metropolitan regions in the heart of Northern Europe. Together with the capital of Schleswig-Holstein, a total of eight small and middle-sized towns offer urban living space for more than 354,000 residents. Eight universities, two scientific research facilities with international reputation and two excellence clusters provide the basis for the region's standing as a recognised scientific location.

Also, the position directly at the Baltic Sea as well as the three traffic arteries with Pan-European reach allow for an ideal transportation connection: the Kiel Canal, the A7 motorway and the most important North-South railway line. Furthermore, the region provides access to the Rendsburg Port, the northernmost heavy goods port of Germany. And the port of Kiel does not only act as a hub for flows of goods to Scandinavia, Russia and to the Baltic states, but also as an international cruise port with around 350,000 passengers per year.

Besides the traditionally strong economic sectors of the Maritime Cluster, the dominant industries in the Kiel-Region are in particular information and communication technology, health economy, medical and environmental technology as well as renewable energy, tourism, agriculture and food industry. The region is also an aspiring economic and development area for innovative and knowledge-based businesses.